What a Treat!

Those who know me, know I love books, I live for books, and I would kill for books. So imagine my happiness, when I got the chance to experience absolute heaven on my recent visit to Ranchi, Jharkhand. Yes, it was a book fair of course.
And imagine my happiness when I got to see stalls that were selling some of the best selling novels for not more than a fifty bucks, and some of them were generous enough to give another book for free. Unfortunately, we had arrived on the very last day of the fair, and at the time when they were packing up stuff.

So, off we scurried like rats in a cheese factory, and above is an image of what all I managed to pick up in merely 20 minutes. Quite an adventure, phew!

When we were packing our bags, me and husband got into quite an ugly fight for he wasn’t too keen on carrying all those books (logical), but I wasn’t going anywhere without my books (not too illogical either). And by the time we got home (36-hr train ride), I had already finished Roald Dahl’s Fantastic MrFox and Esio Trot, and Jaspar Utley’s Tales from the Puffugees.

I absolutely enjoyed Esio Trot. It took me back in time, I almost felt like I was a fifth grader again, sitting in the classroom with my friends on a hot summer day, and our English teacher, Mrs. Iyer, was giving us all the cool we needed by reading out this hilariously simple story. Roald, you charmer you!

And Tales from the Puffugees is not only gripping, it’s just as witty too. You know how there are some people who no matter what you say is going on in your life, WILL have a story for it. Same is the case with this General guy (narrator of this book). No matter what is happening at the club, be it Mrs. Chatterjee (wife of the Club’s President) banning smoking in the club, or be it about a fellow club member’s life problem, he somehow managed to enthrall his audience with a beautifully narrated story. Such a miracle worker this one.
Currently I am reading Andersens Fairy Tales (yes, all over again). But I know that this one is not a book you finish in one go, you save it, for when you want to feel like a child again, and get lost into the enchanting world of fantasies. And so, I have picked up Thomas Hardy’s A Pair of Blue Eyes to go with it.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted how I like it.


Mink, Koregaon Park

What: Salon
Where: Lane 6, Koregaon Park
Services Offered: Hair and Skin
Pricing: Reasonable
Staff: Friendly, Well-trained
Hygiene: ★★★★★

Mink is situated in the Chashm-e-shahi Society of Lane 6, Koregaon Park. Now anyone residing in the vicinity sure knows how difficult it can be for a salon to establish it’s name here. However, in a place surrounded by salons big and small, Mink has gained quite a name for itself, all within a year. After having been referred by several friends, I finally decided to pay a visit.

Having failed to get a haircut appointment for over a week, I booked myself in for skin services instead. What a nice set up I must say! The lovely use of colorful frames at the entrance, the pacifying water fountain in the waiting lounge, the beautiful interior of the salon, coupled with the perfect soft music – makes it just the salon you would want to go to, to simply unwind.

The facial rooms were extremely clean – something I can rarely find even in big beauty salons these days. My beautician for the day, Shakeela, was very good at what she did. She recommended a facial best suited for my skin, after carefully examining my skin for a few minutes. She massaged me for what seemed like a happy forever, I think I even drifted off to sleep by the time she was done – proof that it was quite a facial.

Once done, I did get a chance to quickly chat with Shailesh, and I knew exactly why the salon was what it was, within such a short period of time. For a salon whose owner is as passionate as him, it’s quite unlikely not to gain fame. Hopefully, I get a chance to tame my mane here next time.

About Mink: Mink was established by Shailesh Mistry over a year ago. It is situated in the Chashm-e-shahi Society of Lane 6, Koregaon Park. The salon provides all hair and beauty services.