Mark your Calendar for this 26th!

What if I told you, you can spend your Sunday enjoying some great music, having some great food, and doing something absolutely fun. Sounds fascinating? It surely is. Vanarsena, a group of city’s most promising artists, who have already done some noteworthy work (like the beautification of Pune Railway Station), are soon organizing a public participation graffiti event. Here is all the information you need:

Where to Register:


Sounds fun, doesn’t it? What better than spending a few hours to beautify your city, while having lots of fun. I am surely going to be there with my complete gang. Aren’t you?

About our Visit to Pondicherry and why it’s my Favorite City so far

So far, Pondicherry tops my list of cities in India because it’s got everything, it literally has everything. It’s got churches, temples, museums, it’s got beaches, beautiful streets, and colorful cafes; it’s got the hustle bustle of a city but it also has the peace and quiet; AND it has the friendliest people that I have ever come across. Pondicherry, if you ask me is a perfect dish, with all the ingredients in just the right amount.

What more could you ask? Well, I couldn’t. Here is a glimpse of what we explored in Pondy:

  1. Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges


Englise de Notre dame des Anges, also known as Our Lady of Angels Church is the fourth-oldest church in Pondicherry. Peaceful and beautiful, this church is located right on the Promenade. The colorful glass ceilings along with the lovely flower decorations make it a must-go.

2. Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple


This Ganesha temple is adorned with huge canvases which depict events from Lord Ganesha’s life. Like all the temples in South, this one too is colorful, grand, and beautiful. 

  1. The Promenade


The Promenade is to Pondicherry what Marine Drive is to Mumbai, except that with no vehicles, the former takes the cake. This is the one place where you get to see people from every part of the city: gajra-clad women indulging in the daily gossip, new moms chasing after their toddlers, the toddlers chasing the soapy bubbles, a group of young thalaiva fans, tourists from all over the world, and fellow visitors like us – everyone comes here to wind up their day. This is one place I got to experience the culture of the city, which instantly made it my favorite.

4. Auroville


Auroville, with it’s unique concept, is another place in Pondy that appealed to me. A planned township which was founded by the Mother in 1968, it has residents from all over the world who live together above caste and creed. In the center of the town is the Matrimandir (as seen in the above picture), a place for silent concentration.

5. The City’s View from the Lighthouse:


Going to the top of the lighthouse will need you to climb a never-ending stairwell. But trust me, it is every bit worth it. The clear blue waves, the huts on the beaches, the lovely green of the coconut trees and the various colors of Pondicherry – all worth a view.

A few other places worth a visit include:
1. Auroshikha (highly recommended)
2. Auroville Ashram
3. Bay Of Buddha
4. Paradise Beach
5. The City Museum

Interested to know Pondy a little more? Please feel free to read an elaborate post here:

My Getaways – To Write or Not to Write

As much as my last few pictures and posts were appreciated, my critics could not stop asking me why I keep posting about other cities, when I claim this blog is solely dedicated to Pune. Although I don’t completely disagree that it is best to stick to a theme, I feel, why not wander a tiny bit?

Is it so bad for my readers to get to know other cities up close, along with their own? Is it bad that I want them to be a part of my vacations? If I can use a break, I am sure  it must be quite a welcoming change for you all to read about my small visits here and there.

I should probably take this chance to introduce you all to This is where I, along with fellow travellers, would be writing about all my trips, in depth; leaving only the glimpses for my City Diary readers. However, I wouldn’t want to give my readers something that wouldn’t interest them. It is of utmost importance to me that I write what you all would like to read.

Do you want to let me know? Please feel free to vote.