Heading to The Kebab Factory? Give it a Miss.

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I am going to keep this one short, since there is nothing much to write anyway.  Except for the fancy interiors and a very welcoming staff, there was nothing noteworthy about this restaurant. The food was almost unpalatable, so much so that we couldn’t find even one dish we liked out of the 20 that the buffet offered. For a kebab restaurant, even the kebabs failed to impress.

Thank god for the company I had, for that was the only reason why I ended up having a good time anyway.

Khaan Saab, Magarpatta

What: Fine Dining Restaurant
Where: Floor 1, Seasons Mall, Magarpatta
Pricing: Slightly Expensive
Cuisine: Indian, Mughlai
Seating: Indoors

It can be quite a challenge to find good mughlai food in the city; but looks like we now have Khaan Saab to shut everyone up (and with good Biryani in their mouths). After successfully pleasing food lovers in Hyderabad, the restaurant launched in Pune only a few months ago, along with it’s groovier version, the Cuba Libre.

Enter the restaurant, and you know you are in a for a royal treat. The grandeur of the restaurant, the pathani-dressed staff, the intricately-designed silverware and cutlery, the huge wall paintings – it is all very rich, very Mogul.

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, some of them quite creative I must say. Something that really amused me was the Gosht Ke Gappe, a sukha paanipuri with a mutton filling. My friends seemed to love it, but I guess I’ll have to acquire a taste for it. Among starters, the Laal Meerch ka Tikha Tikka is definitely not for the faint-hearted. As delicious as it was, I couldn’t get through with even a half bite of it. The Paya Shorba failed to impress me – bland and greasy, it tasted nothing like a shorba.

The very juicy and not-so-spicy Tundey Kebab brought me back to life with all the Lucknowi flavors in it. The stuffed mushrooms in the Tandoor Bharwan Kumbh, and the Malai Paneer Tikka were also quite a delight.


We decided to have the Mutton Roghan Josh and Gosht Dum Biryani for main course, both absolutely heavenly. Like I said earlier, in a city where it is hard to find an authentic biryani, this is one desirable change – perfect aroma, perfectly cooked meat, and a fine balance between the spices. Apart from the taste of all these dishes, I also loved the fact that each dish was presented beautifully.

We finished our meal with the Malai Kulfi Shahi Falooda, anndddd was it yum! We ended up ordering second rounds for everyone.

All in all, Khaan Saab is an excellent choice for a fine dining experience, especially for huge groups – office parties and family get togethers. You would however want to give it a miss if you are planning a romantic date;  the seating arrangement offers little privacy for couples. But date or no date, I am surely going to keep coming back here, at least for the luscious kulfi falooda. Can’t wait.