Gyan Adab Centre Welcomes Freedom Way

Yesterday was my first visit to the Gyan Adab Centre, a cozy corner in Kalyani Nagar, which brings together artists as well as art lovers from various places of the country. This month, the cultural centre will host an art festival ‘Freedom Way’ as a part of Pune Biennale’s third edition. The festival will showcase various dance and musical performances, plays, book discussions, as well as several art workshops for children.

The fest started on January 4th with a solo art exhibition which showcased the paintings of Maitreya Yeshwant. With ‘A View from Within’, the artist had attempted to put his inner emotions on the canvas. Not being an expert in the field, all I can say is I absolutely loved the vibrant colors, both refreshing and soothing at the same time. I wanted to take all of them home – all the drama and richness in them.

The inauguration ceremony in the evening started with the very lovely Mr. Randhir Khare addressing the audience, and educating us with the activities of Gyan Adab as well as the upcoming events.

Shortly after, the evening reached musical notes with enchanting performances by Afterlight, an acoustic band based in the city and the lovely Akashita Pravin, a composer/song-writer, who delighted the audience with her own compositions.

And before I knew it, the evening was over. I absolutely cannot wait to go back and experience all that the festival has to offer. To know the complete schedule of the ongoing art festival, you may click on the link below:

About Gyan Adab: The Gyan Adab Centre was founded by Mr. Farook Merchant in 2013, initially with the focus of bringing literature closer to masses. Today, it regularly hosts book readings & discussions, art exhibitions, music and dance performances and various literary events in English, Urdu, Marathi, Hindi, and other Indian languages. Apart from that, the centre also promotes Gyaan Ruchi, an initiative to empower under-privileged women.