Who knew that someday East Street Cafe would disappoint us!

Don’t you just hate it when even the favorites, and most renowned restaurants start disappointing you. Here I am in the East Street Cafe going through one such heartbreak myself.

In the last three hours that we have been sitting here, we haven’t been served water until asked for, not been provided cutlery, or even given the menu in the first half an hour.

And it’s not just the service, the lasagna we ordered, I am not sure was lasagna in the first place… More like a lasagna soup.

While I typed this out, I was wondering if I could at least forgive them if the dessert was good. We waited, we waited, and we waited some more. After about 30 minutes, and just as we were leaving, the dessert arrived, and no, it did not change my mind.

Although the tiramisu did quite save the grace, the unmelted chocolate fondue and some oversweetened dessert called jupiter further continued to ruin our dinner.

Needless to say, the restaurant lost a loyal fan today.


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