Hey, Did I Tell You What I’ve Been up to?


Hey there!

Guess what? I just got back from a long long vacation to Thailand and Cambodia (about which I will soon be posting on Trip Monk). But more importantly I’ve been really busy writing on What’s Hot.

I explored some pretty cool things while working with them. For instance, a really interesting book village that is only an hour away from Pune, a huge leather footwear market right in Mahabaleshwar and some offbeat things to do in Dandeli. I also discovered the top most stylists in Pune, some really cool eateries as well as great drinking spots in the city.

Go check out already!

Heading to The Kebab Factory? Give it a Miss.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-12 at 18.39.37 (1)

I am going to keep this one short, since there is nothing much to write anyway. ¬†Except for the fancy interiors and a very welcoming staff, there was nothing noteworthy about this restaurant. The food was almost unpalatable, so much so that we couldn’t find even one dish we liked out of the 20 that the buffet offered. For a kebab restaurant, even the kebabs failed to impress.

Thank god for the company I had, for that was the only reason why I ended up having a good time anyway.

City Diary Reviews: Phillauri


I caught this movie a little too late, but eventually I did. And what a disappointment it tuned out to be.

The plot of the movie seemed quite an interesting one, a Manglik having to get married to a tree according to custom, and instead marrying the ghost residing on it; that really seemed pretty hilarious. But what I was quite disheartened to see was that the only good parts in the movie were the ones they had already shown in the trailers.

Diljit who is quite an actor, manages to impress in this one too with both, his acting as well as singing. Anushka, I never feel can act. On the screen, she appears just as she would off screen. The new comers seem to have done a better job here.

The end was downright indigestible. It felt as if they somehow wanted to end the film, and so they did with whatever their minds fancied. I mean, what was that big bang like thing with fireworks shooting out when the ghosts hugged? Which world does that ever happen in?

And the film makers also cut out the wedding which the complete film was centered around. Why do you do this to us folks, why?

On the plus, the music of the movie is pretty great, and may I say the only saving grace of the movie. Can be a one time watch for viewers who don’t care too much about logic.